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Stationary offices in Cracow

Stacjonarny gabinet masażu HomeRehab - Krakow, ul. Stradomska

It is with great satisfaction that we present you our stationary massage parlours in Cracow, where you can make an appointment by phone or online at

ul. Wrocławska 28 

os. Kolorowe 33

ul. Wielicka 44

ul. Stradomska 15



If you have not used our services so far, you must know that our specialists will arrive at your place of work or residence throughout Cracow without any additional travel fees.

In addition, we provide attractive discounts and promotions for new and regular customers.

For companies, we offer free massage days for employees and competitive prices for regular orders and cooperation.



Massage is beneficial for the body, and systematic use can heal you from ailments that prevent you from enjoying life.


– reduces stress,

– relaxes tense and overstrained muscles,

– increases the flexibility of tendons and ligaments,

– firms the skin,

– accelerates regeneration after exercise,

– soothes the nervous system,

– speeds up the metabolism.

These are just a few advantages of massage on your body.

See for yourself and schedule a visit.

We’re waiting for you!

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