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Ikona - 3 osoby, tworzące zespół - masaż z dojazdem Kraków

The HomeRehab team consists of well-qualified young technicians for whom massage is more than just a service.

Ikona - doświadczenie i jakość usług na wysokim poziomie - masaż z dojazdem Kraków

Our specialists, apart from a diploma, can boast of vast experience and successively acquired professional knowledge during many hours spent in contact with various ailments and advanced diseases in our patients.

Ikona - spadochron z pomocą medyczną - masaż z dojazdem Kraków

Each body, each organism is different, therefore, we always approach the clients individually in order to get to know them as well as possible, which in turn contributes to an even better final result.

Ikona - informacja - masaż z dojazdem Kraków

During the treatments, HomeRehab masseurs share their knowledge with clients and advise them on how to take care of their health on a daily basis, at the same time introducing the client to the world of massage so that they become aware of various causes that may lead to many ailments.

Ikona - dłoń pokazuje ok - masaż z dojazdem Kraków

Raising awareness and the good of the client are the most important goals of our work – HomeRehab not only heals, but also prevents and makes people aware.

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Check out our fan page on Facebook. HomeRehab cares about its customers, so we often publish some entertaining materials and discounts for special occasions.