The Relaxation Zone at your event

Would you like to organize an event for your guests that they will talk about for a long time and will be happy to come back to you? 

The Relaxation Zone will make the event unique and will take your organization to the next level!

How does the Relaxation Zone work?

We will create a massage stand for your guests in a place designated by you.

With the help of our equipment, we will separate a place that will be comfortable and evoke a feeling of relaxation while remaining invisible to other participants of the event. 

The visit takes 20 minutes only!

Massages take place on a professional massage table. The massage covers the back, neck and shoulders.

You will only need to take your T-shirt off for the visit. After the massage, we will thoroughly wipe off the oil from the guest’s back. In our opinion, a massage on a massage bed is the best form of relaxation, which has a visible effect on reducing muscle tension for your guests.

In the Relaxation Zone, your guests will feel like in a SPA salon, the aromatic scent of oils will float during the massage, and relaxing music will sound in the background.

In addition, our specialists will help your guests by talking about healthy nutrition and work ergonomics.

Why is it worth organising the Relaxation Zone?

The Relaxation Zone will raise the prestige of your event, – Your guests will be relaxed and refreshed after a day of work, – Guests will be happy to come back to your events. 

We invite organizers of all kinds of events to cooperate with us:  fairs, events, conferences, parties, congresses and exhibitions.

Organize a Relaxation Zone at your event!