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Are you the owner of a company in Krakow, where your employees work in a sitting position or physically hard?

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Work-Site office massage

It is a type of massage designed especially for people:
  • performing sedentary office work,
  • experiencing excessive muscle tension,
  • whose most common symptom is severe back pain and headaches caused by staying in one position for many hours of work.
Work-Site is a massage of ​​the neck, shoulders, cervical spine, and trapezius muscles of the back, which allows you to relax and relieve fatigue. The massage is based on relaxing the tense muscles of the spine. A specially designed chair is used for this type of massage – it is contoured to ensure the comfort of the massaged person. The person sitting on the chair takes a relaxed position that is very comfortable and reduces the tension in the muscles. This treatment lasts from 10 to 15 minutes. The massaged person does not need to remove clothes for the massage, and oils are not used. The treatment can even be performed during a lunch or coffee break. The flexible form of massage makes the participants of this type of events and conferences willingly use the Relaxation Zone. It is a great way to make the event more attractive and provide guests with an exclusive form of relaxation while sitting in one position at the conference.

Office massage on the massage table

The massage takes place in a room designated by the company (nursing mother’s room, conference room, break room) – it should be a place where the employee can rest during a hard day.
We perform the massage on a professional massage bed, where the visit lasts 30 minutes.
Massage is performed on the back of the upper body, including:
– upper limbs,
– cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine – here we also focus on the individual needs of customers.
The massage is relaxing – its purpose is to relax and unwind the employee.

Special offer for companies!

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