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Thanks to our knowledge, experience and commitment, each service will be performed professionally.


Founder of HomeRehab – mobile massage Cracow.

Master’s degree at the Faculty of Physical Education at the University School of Physical Education in Cracow.
Massage therapist, tennis coach, all his life associated with football and tennis.
Completed a course and training in Deep Tissue Massage.

The knowledge gained over many years of practising sports helps in a practical and comprehensive approach to the problems faced by clients.


I got my Master’s Degree of Physiotherapy at the University School of Physical Education in Cracow. Many years of work experience allows me to work comprehensively with patients who have problems with, e.g. pains in the spine, peripheral joints, muscles and fascia; with patients after surgeries and injuries.

I have always wanted to develop and broaden my knowledge in manual therapy and osteopathy. My achievements include specialist courses such as 

  • manual therapy,
  • spine mobilization and manipulation
  • osteopathic techniques 
  • functional training,
  • kinesio taping.

I am a huge fan of sports and outdoor activities. In my opinion, nothing has a better effect on your health than being physically active and eating properly. In addition, I am a personal trainer and a massage therapist.

I am interested in human nutrition, which allows me to look at the patient’s problems comprehensively.