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It is the most popular type of massage, which, depending on its intensity, can be curative, relaxing, stimulating, etc. Its task is to improve the psychophysical condition of the patient. It is used in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Massage has an analgesic effect, improves tissue nutrition, regenerates muscles, regulates muscle tension, increases flexibility and elasticity of muscles, reduces adipose tissue, accelerates metabolism. It can have a healing, relaxing or stimulating effect, and activates blood and lymph flow.

Anti-cellulite cupping massage will help you get rid of cellulite, shape the body and firm the skin. This massage works quickly and effectively, and the effects are visible after a few treatments. Chinese cupping massage can be performed not only to reduce cellulite. Vacuum therapy is used in the treatment of various diseases, such as back pain, and relieves tense muscles.

It is dedicated to athletes and people with an active lifestyle. It allows you to fight the effects of fatigue caused by physical effort. Massage helps to relax the tired muscles and prevents future damage. It is indispensable in situations where athletes need to make an effort before they have time to rest, e.g. intense effort during competition or periods in preparation for the competition season.

It combines the advantages of classic and energy massage, stimulates the muscles, skin and cardiovascular system, and at the same time has a great effect on the nervous system – balances the negative reactions to stress sent by the body, eliminates involuntary muscle tension, restores the correct heart rhythm, proper circulation and blood pressure. It is performed with slow, anti-stress and calming movements. It allows you to get rid of the tension all over the body, especially after prolonged physical and mental exertion. It is recommended for insomnia, neuralgia, headaches, back, shoulder and leg problems.

Its purpose is to relax the face, remove fatigue caused by stress and work. It also affects blood circulation and relaxes the facial muscles.
It has a firming effect and improves skin tension on the face, neck and nape. This way, the wrinkles around the forehead and the corners of the eyes are eliminated – the so-called crow’s feet, paranasal furrows and wrinkles in the corners of the mouth.

Its task is to help reduce pain, reduce sensory hypersensitivity, support the work of muscles, or make them relax. It is one of the forms of therapy used in rehabilitation, which uses the effect of a specially constructed plaster on the body in order to use its compensation possibilities, among others reduces pain or sensory hypersensitivity in the skin and muscles, supports the work of muscles or causes their relaxation, reduces the excess of lymphatic fluid causing swelling and corrects the position of the joints.

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