Contract Harvesting Rates Australia

Contract harvesting rates in Australia depend on several factors such as the type of crop, location, and machinery used. Farmers are increasingly outsourcing their harvesting needs to contractors due to the rising costs of equipment, labor, and transport. In this article, we will explore the different factors affecting contract harvesting rates in Australia and how farmers and contractors can work together for mutual benefits.

Factors affecting contract harvesting rates

Crop type: Different crops require different types of harvesting equipment and techniques. For instance, harvesting wheat requires a combine harvester, whereas harvesting grapes requires manual labor. The cost of machinery and labor will vary depending on the crop type.

Location: The cost of transport and accommodation for contractors will affect the final price of the harvesting service. Harvesting in remote areas will be more expensive compared to harvesting in urban areas.

Machinery: Contractors need to invest in advanced and reliable machinery to ensure efficient and timely harvesting. The cost of machinery will be reflected in the contract harvesting rates.

Labor: Labor is a crucial factor in harvesting and can significantly impact the contract harvesting rates. The cost of labor will depend on the experience and expertise of the workers.

Mutual benefits for farmers and contractors

Outsourcing harvesting needs to a contractor can benefit farmers in several ways. Firstly, it allows them to focus on other aspects of the farm, such as planting and irrigation. Secondly, it reduces the cost of ownership and maintenance of harvesting equipment. By outsourcing, farmers can hire professionals with specialized equipment needed for their particular crop. This can result in a higher yield and better quality crop.

Contractors, on the other hand, benefit from a steady stream of work and income. Working with multiple farmers in different locations ensures a regular income and job security. Additionally, they can invest in specialized equipment that can be used for different crops and locations, further expanding their business prospects.


Contract harvesting rates in Australia are influenced by factors such as crop type, location, machinery, and labor. Farmers and contractors can work together for mutual benefits by outsourcing harvesting needs, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. With the right partnership, both parties can prosper and contribute to the growth of the agriculture industry in Australia.